Golden Lights Psychic Academy

Develop your psychic abilities and tarot reading skills
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Our Courses

Learn how to connect with your guides, and enhance your psychic development. 
Learn quickly – minimum of only 10 hours study required for each course. 

With full tutor support

Discounts are available if you register for 3 or more courses.

Choose your own dates and how you want to study.
Course is individually tailored to your current abilities. Complete beginners welcome.

Become a professional psychic

Earn an extra income, working your own hours. Help friends and family. Enhance your own life and intuitive skills.  
Residential Psychic Development course. 
Gain more confidence in your abilities. 
Arrive a beginner – leave a professional.

Individual professional tuition

2 Day Psychic & Tarot Courses in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Comfortable accommodation, local attractions tour included. 
Easy Tarot Lessons – Only 10 hours of study to help you become a proficient Tarot reader.

Individual Tarot tuition

You will be performing readings from module one!
Choose your own dates and how you want to study. Flexible hours and duration of course.

By telephone or in West Yorkshire, UK

Choose your own dates and how you want to study.

Residential Tarot course, Tarot lessons. 
Arrive a beginner – leave a professional. 

One to one Individual professional tuition

2 Day Tarot tuition & Psychic courses in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Psychic and Tarot business courses.
How to run a profitable, professional psychic business.

Business courses are available if you have completed at least one other module from our academy

Help with caring for yourself and your client,  simple accounts, advertising and all the business advice you will need to own a psychic business.  

Golden Lights Psychic Academy offers courses to develop your tarot reading skills and enhance your psychic abilities. We are all psychic but many people do not know how to harness this talent and develop their skills.
Our courses are easy and fun to complete, most courses can help you read for clients and friends after only a few hours of study.  (You will be competent after only 10 hours.)
Psychic lessons can be tailored to your available study times, experience, lifestyle and requirements.
Certificate on completion of all courses. 
If you wish to read for clients you can be added to our database of recommended psychics when you have completed the courses. We will then send clients to you from our enquires in your local area.
Your tutor is not a faceless person with no psychic experience, offering hundreds of courses, in all subjects. Your assignments are not marked by a computer and are not just a simple impersonal questionnaire. You will have access to your tutor to ask questions, which will be answered personally and tutors will offer you individual advice. Tutors are all working Psychics and Tarot Card readers, with decades of experience. 

Courses offered by the Academy

  • Online Psychic course

  • Individual Psychic lessons

  • Fast track Psychic lessons

  • Residential Psychic course

  • Online Tarot course

  • Individual Tarot lessons

  • Fast track Tarot course

  • Residential Tarot course.

  • Caring for you and your client course

  • Professional psychic Business course

For more information or to enrol on a course

Telephone/text 07398 391901
or telephone only (01274) 588717 (10am to 8pm only please)